Cliffe Castle Keighley 2009

Photograph: © Joan Russell

Workshops include:
The Big Draw 2009
Bradford's Young Ambassadors

Bradford Museums & Galleries ‘Responses to Art’ programme
Working with the general public (scannogram & drawing workshop)

“You are what you wear” Asian Women’s Resource Association Project
Workshop Leader Calderdale Museum and Arts (Outreach) 2003

Axis Education Resource Workshop (with VIth formers) Intake High School, Leeds 2002

D-cap programme mentor Professional Development for Contemporary Artists
managed by esa (East St Arts) Leeds

Inset workshops for teachers (sculpture), Design Dimension, Dean Clough, Halifax

Yorkshire Sculpture Park “The dress doesn’t fit” 1995

It's a Girl - The Christmas Tree Project
sculpture workshop: Public Participatory Christmas Tree-Dressing, Dean Clough

Wunderkammer ‘The Female Gaze’ seminar and drawing workshop, Leeds City Art Gallery

Leeds Fine Art Club,The Victoria Public House, Leeds

‘Collections’ (Penumbra Seminar), Dean Clough in association with Bankfield Museum, Halifax