'It's a Girl', 1995

Dean Clough Galleries

At Dean Clough this Christmas, Sheila Gaffney, one of the artists on site, will be reviving and reinventing the ritual of Christmas Tree dressing. On Saturday 9 December 10.30 - 1pm there is an open invitation to take part in this ritual in the Dean Clough Galleries.

Sheila Gaffney is a sculptor whose work embraces female sexuality. Her Christmas Tree will be the 'underbeneathments' for a glassy, wax, sculpted dress - and the completed work entitled 'It's a Girl'.

Sheila says, "The Christmas Tree is an undervalued sculptural event in everybody's front room. The Dean Clough Christmas Tree will not have a fairy perched on top - it will be the fairy who stands next to you."

This seasonal installation will be on show in the Dean Clough Galleries until 5 January 1996.