Me & You, 2018

17th February – 24th May 2018

Dean Clough Galleries

Sheila Gaffney and Linda Schwab

This intimate display brings together sculpture, drawing and digital art made by both artists, simultaneously looking at similar personal history material, the family photographs amassed by
their respective immigrant parents in 1960s Britain. Both women agree that when making the art works exhibited they are part figuring out the instant then captured in the snapshot, and part figuring out now, the moment each is living in, and that such musings although deeply introspective touch on
bigger questions in art for each of them.

When you are talking to a friend it is quite likely that at some point you will exclaim ‘I’ve got one of those’ or ‘Same here’. In friendship such resonances and dialogue fuse our closeness to others. This exhibition is built upon this kind of conversational exchange, which has occurred between the two artists who have been friends for over twenty-five years.

Sheila Gaffney uses life modelling techniques in her work, but it is the definition of life that is critical. The starting point for the works are family photographs in which she is six years old. They are not used as memory objects but as little segments of the world in a moment of time. The photographs
provide her with a register of classed and gendered subjectivity, situation, place and an internalized knowledge, which she sources to model in wax and distill the form of the child she remembers being in that moment of time.

Linda Schwab has been making work for forty years using archive photography as source material. This new body of work presents old family photographs redux, and Schwab makes the first prints
from negatives formerly rejected for processing in 1969. She celebrates rather than discards the camera shake, out of focus, over, under and double exposures to produce grey wavery images that propose a new temporal condition for the snapshot, here and after.

Sheila Gaffney and Linda Schwab both
studied at the Slade School of Fine Art 1982 – 1984
taught at Leeds Arts University 1990 – 2007
were studio holders at Dean Clough 1999 - 2004

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Photography: © Jerry Hardman-Jones

Supported by: Leeds Arts University

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 Dressing Table Vanitas   bronze, 2017 
 St Lucy   bronze, 2017 
 The Swimmer   bronze, silver, gold, 2018