Before, now ......and after, 2000

London: 10 November - 22 December 2000
Berlin: 16 November - 9 December 2000

Supported by: The British Council
Two 'non gallery spaces' have been chosen as venues for this exhibition of three British artists. One is Clerkenwell, London and the other is Mitte, Berlin.
These 'East End' locations have great history and tradition much of which is still strongly in evidence in the streets, buildings and activities. However, both Mitte and Clerkenwell have changed tremendously during the past twenty years.

The exhibition in Berlin, is supported by The British Council and it is included in their programme, 'UK ART 2000 in Berlin-Mitte'.
"...the four walls of one's private property offer the only reliable hiding place from the common public world.."
Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition

The Clock House is a memory of a private space. Locale is public, epic idea realised through participation with people. In the Clock House I mix the wax of Locale with the fabric of the house to bring the unknown 'public' into a specific 'private'. Locale is now formed by the conflation of the wax with the space. It is a different viewing. It spins off accidental narratives as a fact of its materiality and site. The histories mingle. It is a construct - once sourced, there is only the context of the installation and the meanings that arise by chance.
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